Destination Wedding Location

Destination Wedding Location

Who does not like a destination wedding? What makes the perfect wedding? Many would say it's one that is relaxed, fun, and perhaps not too expensive. With its unspoilt beach, perfect winter weather, and a multitude of wedding options Palm Cove has it all. You can start your planning here.

A Perfect Wedding Location

What makes the perfect wedding? Many would say it has to be relaxed, fun, and perhaps not too expensive. That is why Palm Cove in Tropical North Queensland, also known as Australia's sexiest beach, has over 400 couples a year coming to say I do and save money in the process. This relaxed village by the sea is the perfect wedding destination. With its unspoilt beach, perfect winter weather, and a multitude of destination wedding locations, Palm Cove has it all.

A wedding ceremony in Palm Cove is a very relaxed and classy affair. There is a variety unmatched in Australia, including a stunning seaside wedding, a chapel, several golden beach locations, and many secluded tropical gardens and decks. Palm Cove has everything to give lovers their dream wedding ceremony and possesses a plethora of professionals to assist, including local celebrants, photographers, and wedding planners.

Reception Venues

Some weddings are small, with only a couple eloping, while others are huge celebrations of family and friends. Either way, an impressive array of reception options are available. For smaller groups, an intimate table within one of the 30 Palm Cove restaurants is an option. You can even have a table on the grass beside the beach. For larger groups, there are several 5-star resorts with dazzling reception areas. Forget boring function rooms and think tropical settings with ocean views. They can even have a classy holiday house to bring their own gourmet chef and drinks along.

Turn Your Wedding into a Weeklong Party

Happens for the couple and their friends. By day, they have it all to enjoy. I dip in the Coral Sea or drinks around the pool, perhaps a trip to the Great Barrier Reef or a walk in the magnificent rainforest. By night, everyone parties again in a hip Palm Cove bar or restaurant.

What are phrases that naturally go together? Honeymoon and tropical paradise, of course, and what couple does not want to spend their honeymoon lazing under a palm tree while sipping a delicious cocktail? There are honeymoon options, from opulent five-star resorts to romantic self-catering apartments.

There is a lifetime of things to do and see, and it's all safe within Aussie shores. 

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