What does Trip Advisor and others say

Palm Cove is one of the hippest, sexiest beach destinations in the southern hemisphere”, says Holidays for Couple’s magazine. They love Palm Cove and so does Trip Advisor.

Let’s learn what the movers and shakers of the travel industry say…

Trip Advisor said that “Palm Cove is a most renowned spa destination in Australia. It is a beautiful beachside haven of peace and relaxation, top wellness centers and fantastic beaches. Coddle your body in a mud bath, soft coral scrub or body wrap. Whether you want to indulge in a private cabana or an open-air pavilion, your perfect spa experience can only found in Palm Cove.”

palm cove spas

Natural Environment

The foremost reason why these influential travel organisations love Palm Cove is its natural environment. Stepping into Palm Cove is like stepping into a tropical postcard.  Once you are there, there is so much to see and do for family holidaymakers, couples, wedding guests and conference delegates.

“Palm Cove is an excellent destination for traveler because of its abundant accommodation options, particularly those people traveling with kids”.

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Even Wikipedia has great things to say “The pristine beaches and Palm tree lined paths are used by joggers, walkers and cyclists and netted life guard patrol swimming enclosures offer safe access to the sea all year round. The Palm cove jetty is one of the regions most popular fishing spots”

Palm Cove fishing

Online travel company Travelonline.com also have much to say about this beautiful region. Travelonline.com says “Palm Cove is known for its superb dining, many of Palm Cove’s hotels and luxurious accommodation options offer a remarkable range of onsite dining options and nightlife. The Esplanade is also a haven for an incredible variety of restaurants, bars, and cafes with spectacular sea views as well as many boutique outlets and fashion stores specializing in resort and beach wear”.

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